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You may contact Jim Reese, Director of the Professional Development Collaborative at Washington International School, in the following ways: Telephone: (202) 243-1888 Email:

What is Global Competence?

What do we mean by the term global competence? Project Zero researcher Veronica Boix Mansilla and Tony Jackson of the Asia Society created a definition in their 2011 book, Educating […]

Who We Are

Staff Washington International School established the Professional Development Collaborative in August 2016, under the direction of Jim Reese. Jim Reese| Director Jim joined WIS in 2008 as Director of Studies…more


The Professional Development Collaborative at Washington International School works to deepen and broaden DC-area educators’ capacity to inspire deep thinking in learners, to educate for global competence, and to share…more

A Perspective on Best Practices

When we talk about best practices in education, we can’t ignore context: who the students are, what conditions we teach in, what resources we have to work with, et cetera. […]


The Collaborative currently manages or supports three major projects involving educators from a variety of settings. These projects include Children Are Citizens; The World in DC: Toward a New Approach…more

Children Are Citizens

“Children Are Citizens: Children and Teachers Collaborating Across Washington, DC” is a professional development and curriculum project inspired by the practices of the world-renowned municipal preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.…more

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