Exhibition of Maker-Centered Learning

Come see and hear how DC teachers and students have taken on maker-centered learning practices, in and out of the classroom, over the past year. At the Exhibition of Maker-Centered Learning, you will see the power of making in a variety of contexts--across grade levels, from preschool to high school, and in a variety of subject areas.

Teachers and students will show ways they have examined systems in order to confront injustice; explored abstract concepts in literature and language through making; hacked ideas and physical objects in order to improve them; and considered their own role in acting on the world to make it a better place for everyone. Plus much, much more!

This exhibition is a kick-off to a conference for educators showcasing the Making Across the Curriculum and JusticexDesign projects–part of the Agency by Design network based at Project Zero in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education–but it is open to all!

Early in the week of May 10, the Zoom link for the Exhibition will be sent to all who have signed up to attend.

Starts On:
May 14, 2021
4:30 PM
Ends On:
May 14, 2021
5:30 PM