Early Childhood Affinity Group Forms

By: Jim Reese

In August 2016 at WISSIT, our annual summer institute, an affinity group for early childhood educators formed. Now known as DC-PZ-EC (DC-Project Zero-Early Childhood), the group is being co-led by Jere Lorenzen-Strait, a teacher at School Within School at Goding, and Kerstin Schmidt, a teacher at Beauvoir School.

In the late fall, a DC-Project Zero “un-conference” session at Sacred Heart School attracted a significant number of teachers who expressed strong interest in meeting regularly. The group now convenes at various locations for discussions, demonstrations and the sharing of effective early childhood practices.

DC-PZ-EC also is consulting with the Collaborative on ensuring that DC-PZ and WISSIT include content related specifically to early childhood teaching and learning.

Contact dcpzec@gmail.com for more information and to be added to their mailing list.