At any given time, the Collaborative manages or supports a variety of projects involving educators from a wide range of settings. Each one has been inspired in some way by Project Zero research.

Ongoing Projects

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Making Across the Curriculum (Agency by Design)

How do we best prepare young people for a rapidly changing world? In response to this question, many leading education experts advocate interdisciplinary, project-based learning. Paired with design thinking, this “maker-centered"…Read more

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An initiative conceived and directed by Project Zero researcher Sarah Sheya, JusticexDesign (JxD) is a professional development program for educators that encourages a systems approach for examining the human-designed world…Read more

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DC-Area Playful Schools Network

What does playful learning mean in your context? This question guides a new project managed by the PD Collaborative that includes over 100 educators from eight local schools. They make…Read more

Past Projects