Remake Learning Days Festival-DMV

Remake Learning Days Across America (RLDAA) is a learning festival that celebrates the many learning opportunities in a community! This celebration, which happens across the country in over 17 different regions, highlights innovative experiences and opportunities for youth to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance and curiosity.

The Professional Development Collaborative and KID Museum were the regional leads for the first-ever Remake Learning Days-DMV Festival in spring 2021! KID Museum took on the mantle as the solo regional lead from the 2022 Festival and onward.
What is Remake Learning Days Across America?
Remake Learning Days Across America is a festival of public events that are free or low-cost and designed to be hands-on, relevant and engaging educational experiences for youth of all ages (preschool through high school), their families, and caregivers with specific types of activities organized under the following categories: Arts, Maker, Outdoor Learning, Science, Technology, and Youth Voice.  Remake Learning is a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, PA, that has been sponsoring Remake Learning Days Festivals for a number of years in SW Pennsylvania. In 2019, the initiative went national, and in 2020, they invited the DMV region to join the fold! Because of the pandemic, the 2020 festival was postponed to 2021. In spring of 2021, the festival was able to move forward with a mix of in-person, outdoor events and virtual events. As regional leads, the PDC and KID Museum convened a local Planning Committee to help organize the Festival; seek out organizations to host events; and coordinate marketing.  The 2021 DMV festival comprised of over 60 events in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and almost every ward of DC!